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2024 Madison City Budget Unpacked

The City of Madison has published its fiscal year 2024 budget, which began October 1. The 91-page budget includes general fund spending of $65.5 million, which is an 18% increase above what was spent in 2023. The four largest department budgets are police ($12.3 million), fire and rescue ($8.6 million), human resources ($7.6 million), and engineering ($7.6 million).

The department budgets are shown in the chart below:

At the council’s budget work session Mayor Paul Finley noted the investment in the City’s employees. For the seventh straight year, the city will offer a step increase, and for the seventh year, the City employees will not pay more for insurance (despite a 3% increase in cost). The budget includes a 3% cost of living (COLA) for city employees. The City of Madison will have 506 employees, which is an increase of 10 employees.

The City expects $50.9 million in general fund revenue from more than 50 different taxes, fees, licenses, permits, franchise fees, lodging taxes, etc. The largest sources of revenue include local sales tax ($20.8 million), property taxes ($7.0 million), business licenses ($4.3 million), simplified sellers use tax ($3.6 million), and building permits ($2 million). The City plans to end the year with a fund balance (reserve) of $13.8 million or 27% reserve, which exceeds the safety reserve required by city ordinance.

The city will support more than 15 organizations, agencies, and social services organizations with grants totaling $350,000. The largest grants are to Madison Visionary Partners ($75,000), Patricia Haley Charity ($39,800), National Children’s Advocacy Center ($30,000), Botanical Garden ($20,000), Crisis Services of North Alabama ($20,000), Partnership for a Drug Free Community ($20,000), and Enrichment Center ($20,000).

Among other expenses, the police department plans to buy police vehicles (8 Ford Explorers & 1 Ford F-150, $731,000), additional body cams ($136,000) and dash cams ($152,000). The Fire & Rescue department will purchase an E-One Rescue Pumper ($669,595). Parks and Recreation plans to purchase vehicles and lawn maintenance equipment totaling $303,900.

The budget includes $28 million in general capital improvements. The projects and budgeted amounts are:

  • Toyota Field Addition - Locker Room Only - cash funded $6,000,000

  • Community Center Reconstruction $4,895,000 ($3,583,640 was spent in 2023)

  • Mill Road Ditch Improvements $3,000,000

  • Hexagon Building $2,488,000

  • New Firestation Line-item $2,250,000

  • Huntsville Brownsferry & Burgreen Roundabout $1,840,000

  • Hardiman Roundabout $1,510,000

  • Royal Drive - Construction $1,500,000

  • Hexagon - Pickell Ball Courts $1,000,000

  • Pumphouse Road - StormPipe $680,000

  • Royal Drive - Signal $557,000

  • Wall-Triana & Gillespie Signal $550,000

  • Sunshine Oaks Phase 1 (Horse Farm) $550,000

  • Hughes Road & Portal/Mill Signal - ADA Upgrade $500,000

  • Wayfinding Project $300,000

  • Celtic Drive - Fire Station #4 $250,000

The engineering department plans $5.6 million in projects. These projects often span multiple years as they proceed through initial design, right-of-way purchase, bidding, and construction. The projects with funding include:

  • Brownsferry Culvert

  • Palmer Rd. Bridges

  • Downtown Ditch Improvement

  • Co. Line/Mill Rd./Hardiman Signal

  • Balch Widening (safety widening)

  • Hardiman and Halsey

  • Madison Blvd. Bridge Joint Repair

  • Madison Blvd. Resurfacing and Signalization

  • Production/Madison Blvd. Signal

  • Ingr. Way/Madison Blvd. Signal,

  • WT and Gooch Sidewalk and Signal

  • Burgreen and Hardiman Signal

  • Segers and Machille Widening

  • 3 Lane HSV-BF (Design - Capstone - Holladay to Bellawoods)

  • Kyser DA Sidewalk

  • Slaughter Rd. & Eastview Turn Lane

  • Segers Rd. Sidewalk Connection (Acorn Way-Park Creek Dr. - Design Survey)

This year, the City’s neighborhood street repaving fund includes more than 20 streets: Sturdivant Street,Buttermilk Alley, Maple Street, Jay Drive, Silver Creek Circle, Brass Oak Drive, Joshua Circle, Big Oak Lane, Big Oak Circle, Athens Boulevard, Benson Boulevard, Gilbert Lane, Steele Drive, Cherry Road, Wellington Drive, Sanoma Drive, Sunset Circle East, Sunset Circle West, Kannon Drive, Thoman Drive, Griggs Road, and Concord Drive.

The last 4 years of actual spending are shown in the table below. The 2024 budgeted amount is shown as well as a % increase or % decrease compared to 2023 is shown.

The 91-page budget document (PDF) is available at this link:

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