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Your Local Government

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Mayor and City Council 

Paul Finley
Teddy Powell
Maura Wroblewski
Greg Shaw
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Connie Spears
Ranae Bartlett
Council President
Karen Denzine
John Seifert

The city of Madison is governed by a mayor and City Council.


The mayor acts as the executive branch of government and the City Council, which is comprised of 7 members, acts as the legislative branch. The mayor is elected at large (by all voters in Madison) and each of the seven City Council members is elected by voters in their respective geographic districts. 

The mayor and City Council members are elected every four years.

The next municipal election is in 2025.

City Council Meetings

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When and where

2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 6 PM.

100 Hughes Road, Madison, AL 35758

View meeting agendas and minutes

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Public Participation

Citizens have 3 minutes to give oral comments during the public comment portion of the meeting. The public comment portion of the meetings occurs near the beginning of Council meetings.

Citizens have 5 minutes to give oral comments during public hearings. 

Read the city's public participation policy

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