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Upcoming Events
Redistricting 101-Virtual Community Training

Tuesday, April 4 at 6 pm
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I Vote Madison is pleased to welcome special guest Zephyr S, a graduate of the SCSJ's Community Redistricting Organization's Working for Democracy (or CROWD) Academies. 
Information provided during the event will include:

- Why the redistricting process is needed
- How a change to city manager would impact redistricting
- How the redistricting process works
- How to use Dave's Redistricting Tool (a free resource that allows you to design your own maps)
- Guidelines the community should request the Council adopt for any redistricting process going forward


Citizen's Debate

April, TBD

I VoteMadison will hold an in-person debate in April so citizens can voice their opinions on the possible transition to a council-manager form of government. Specific time and date to be determined.

Thank you for a great
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