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Do you think Madison should hire a city manager and change from a mayor-council government to a
council-manager government? 

The citizens of Madison will decide!

The change to shift how Madison is governed is being led by citizens, and it will ultimately be up to citizens to decide. In order for the change to occur, 900 residents must sign a petition in favor. A special election is then held. The citizens of Madison will determine if the change occurs.

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details, and Q & A's
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Visiting city managers answered questions during this city-sponsored, educational community meeting
I Vote Madison partnered with Braver Angels and the League of Women Voters of the Tennessee Valley to hold an educational debate for Madison residents. 
During this city-sponsored, educational community meeting, Auburn mayor Ron Anders joined Mayor Finley to answer citizen questions about the role of a mayor under a council-manager form of government. 
View the slide presentation from the city that accompanied the 2nd Community Meeting (pertaining to the role of mayor under a council-manager form of government).
View the slide presentation that the Governance Transition Committee presented to the mayor and council.

To provide a different perspective, I Vote Madison invited Dr. David Hill, former Auburn mayoral candidate, to discuss council-manger forms of government and answer questions from citizens.

I Vote Madison's Role

I Vote Madison is nonpartial on this issue. Our role is to provide objective information. We do advocate that the city be transparent and provide outreach and education to keep residents informed. This is a decision the citizens of Madison must make, and we want them to be informed throughout the process. As always, we want to see voters who are engaged, informed, and empowered.

Madison Forward

Madison Forward is a group of citizens in Madison that is advocating for this transition. In June 2022 they became a Political Action Committee (PAC).They are currently collecting signatures, of which 900 are needed, to put this issue on the ballot. Learn more about their efforts in this article by The Madison Record.