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Youth Engagement and Education

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We have video presentations and story times, photos, children's activity printables and more on our event page.

A young girl stands in front of a vehicle that is decorated in car paint. Phrases on the car read Vote,Vote, Vote and My City, My Voice, My Vote. She is holding a ribbon wand in one hand and a small sign on a stick that reads Future Voter.
It's never too
early to get 
youth civically involved.

External Learning Resources

The Center for Civic Education provides daily, 60-second civics lessons delivered with a one-question quiz and podcast.

Great for adults too!


Primary source material (historical photos in this case) is used as a base for these narrated and interactive episodes related to Congress and civic engagement. Two episodes are available in Spanish.

We the People

This Netflix series was created by Doc McStuffins creator Chris Nee. It is a series of 5-minute animated, educational music videos covering topics like The Bill of Rights, taxes, and active citizenship. Our favorite episode, "Active Citizenship" is above for you to watch.

An interview about the series with the creator can be found here.

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