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Madison City Council Meeting Recap 8/22/22

To keep you engaged while saving you time, I Vote Madison is now bringing you some of the highlights from City Council meetings. The videos displayed below each recap highlight will take you to the exact moment where the topic listed is discussed.


Council Member Bartlett, Finance Committee Chair, stated the budget will be available at the Sept. 12th meeting and will receive final approval at the Sept. 26th meeting. This will give residents time to ask questions of council members before the final approval. Bartlett stated they made this change in an effort to be more transparent. 00:24:57

Council Member Spears, a member of the Madison Utilities Board, stated that Madison Utilities and Huntsville Utilities are not supporting new residential developments located in Limestone County outside of Madison City limits. Because of that developers are now exploring the option of private utility companies so that they can continue to build houses.00:30:46

Council Member Denzine and Council Member Wroblewski asked Council President Shaw when the next Work Session would be held citing the last Work Session held was back in March. Wroblewski pointed out the important matters that need to be discussed including appointing a new Board of Education Member, Capital Improvement Projects, and a further discussion of impact fees.00:59:37

Mayor Finley announced the next governance transition meeting would be Monday Sept. 12th at noon at Madison Library and focus on the role of the mayor in a Council-Manager form of government with Auburn Mayor Ron Anders. 00:26:25

Council passed ordinance No. 2022-183 to amend the zoning ordinance to allow for mini storage units in the B-2 (Community Business) District. 00:40:40

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