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Madison City Council meeting recap, 2/13/2023

Agenda packet

1. Arbor Day poster competition winners were recognized

Carolyn Reagle with Madison Beautification Board recognized students from each Madison City elementary school who placed in the Arbor Day poster competition. (Note that the city's live stream was outputting only sound and not the live visuals until several minutes into the meeting).

2. Citizens addressed concerns about Toyota Field financing and the possible governance transition

Four citizens utilized the public comment portion of the meeting to share their concerns. The topics of concern were the money the city is spending on upgrades to Toyota Field and the possible transition to a council-manager style of governance.

The Mayor addressed these concerns here. Councilperson Powell addressed them here. Councilperson Seifert addressed them here.

3. $52,458 was approved for upgrades to Toyota Field

Line items were presented and approved as part of the Consent Agenda and Finance Committee Report. Items included lockers, dishwashers, and installation costs which include the relocation of an electrical/AV outlet. Please refer to the agenda for details. These items are part of the first of three rollouts of funds from the city to make the necessary upgrades to Toyota Field so that it meets the new standards set by Major League Baseball for Minor League Baseball teams. All upgrades must be completed by the beginning of the 2025 season. The improvements will be made in phases.

4. Resolutions were passed to appropriate money from the city to grant five local community organizations with funds for the 2023 fiscal year

All were paid from the city's general operating account. The resolutions were passed as part of the meeting's Consent Agenda and Finance Committee Report. (Please see the video above).

5. $127,000 moved from the general fund to the recreation fund for the first phase of the Hexagon Project

Additional money is needed to complete phase 1 of the Hexagon Project. A resolution was passed to move $127,000 from the general fund to the recreation fund, in part to be used for converting four tennis courts into 12 pickleball courts.

The next City Council meeting is Monday, February 27, 2023, at 6 pm.

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