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Past Events
Three I Vote Madison team members pose in front of a decorated car with voting slogans on it. All three team members are wearing their lime green t-shirts with the I Vote Madison logo on them.
Drive-thru Voter Assistance 
Many voters wanted a safe alternative to going to the polls due to Covid-19. To help them with the absentee voting process, we held drive-thru voter clinics on our own and with The League of Women voters of the Tennessee Valley. Voter registration, printed copies of id, preaddressed envelopes & stamps, and witness signatures for ballot affidavits were some of our services.
Press Coverage
A child is holding a sign that reads Absentee Ballot Assistance Here Today. His father is kneeling beside him as they display the sign to advertise the service to voters.
A gray car that is decorate with car paint that reads My City, My Voice, My Vote, and I Vote Madison. There are red, white, and blue streamers coming out of the windows.
Caravan to the Courthouse
To raise awareness for absentee in-person voting at the Madison County Courthouse, we conducted a small car parade around Madison City and then into Huntsville to the courthouse. We wanted to get our children involved so they could not only understand the importance of voting but to begin celebrating it. We intend to revisit this event in the future. We want residents of Madison City to celebrate their right to vote and also the power they have when they vote and engage politically in their community.
A young girl stands in front of a vehicle that is decorated in car paint. Phrases on the car read Vote,Vote, Vote and My City, My Voice, My Vote. She is holding a ribbon wand in one hand and a small sign on a stick that reads Future Voter.
A closeup of an informational flyer about voting resources. A team member in a lime green shirt is holding it for the camera.
Canvassing Madison
We developed informational door hangers and spent a few Saturday mornings distributing them to Madison neighborhoods. A lot of people were not aware that absentee voting was available for everyone and that in-person absentee voting was an option.  We included important deadlines, tips to completing the absentee process correctly, and contact information for us and local election offices. We also advertised the District 2 City Council runoff election.
Four I Vote Madison team members pose in their lime green I Vote Madison shirts after they have finished canvassing a neighborhood.
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