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I Am Madison Coalition


I Am Madison is the citizens coalition arm of I Vote Madison.

We are made up of citizens in Madison who all share a desire to learn more about how our local government works, the decisions being made in our city, and how we can be a

part of influencing those decisions.

I Am Madison will:


Weekly on Sunday

at 6pm

Join fellow residents of Madison for a weekly Zoom to discuss how we as citizens can learn about the decisions being made by our local government and how to engage, organize, be heard, and take an active role in shaping Madison for the future.

Previous Meeting Highlights:

February 10, 2022

We held a special Thursday meeting to guide residents in using the mapping tool the city used to gather citizen input ahead of developing a new comprehensive city plan.

May 23, 2021

Our guest was Garry Morgan, longtime political activist and Independent. Garry has been attending Scottsboro city council meetings, recording them, and blogging since 2003. 

I Am Madison will:

-Listen to citizen concerns

-Amplify citizen voices

-Connect citizens who share the same concerns, ideas, desires

-Provide resources to educate citizens on how our local government works

-Provide resources to help citizens learn to organize to affect change

-Keep citizens informed of city government decisions


-Provide action alerts so citizens can get involved

My City.My Voice.My Vote.

Citizens of the I Am Madison Coalition use our knowledge and experience to help other residents navigate local government. We provide assistance in forming small, issue-based coalitions. I Am Madison works to amplify the voices of our neighbors and connect them around shared concerns. 

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