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Our Accomplishments
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The City of Madison now records and archives City Council Meetings.
I Vote Madison championed the city to record city council meetings and archive them so they would be more accessible and transparent for Madison residents. We were met with resistance but after a year of efforts, including a petition drive, the city began recording and archiving City Council Meetings and Planning Commission Meetings. The city invested in technology so that they could house these meetings on the city's website. 
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Avenues were provided during the pandemic so citizens could participate safely in city government.
I Vote Madison pressed city leaders to utilize digital technology such as Zoom to allow residents to participate in city council meetings remotely during the height of the pandemic. 
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The meeting minutes from Madison Board of Education meetings are now available online.
We requested that the school board make the minutes from main school board meetings available on the district's website. Previously, a citizen would have had to submit a record's request to obtain the minutes. The district began placing minutes online in March 2021. They also uploaded the minutes from every meeting from 2021. We have asked the district to record and archive school board meetings, but they have not granted this request.
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Civic-minded community organizations and role models came together for the 1st Annual Kid's Civic Engagement Day
I Vote Madison brought community organizations and youth role models together for a community-wide event designed to inspire civic engagement in elementary students. Even though children can't yet vote, they can play a role in shaping their community. Learn more here.
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An online community debate, a Q & A with a knowledgeable professional, and blog posts provided opportunities for residents to learn more about the possible governance transition
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