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I Vote Madison believes that every citizen deserves to be heard, 
and that pathways to civic engagement and participation should be free of hurdles.

I Vote Madison is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Our Vision

A Madison shaped by residents.

Our Mission

To increase civic engagement in Madison, AL by providing educational opportunities to residents and removing participation barriers at the community level.

Our Values

  • Promoting transparency and accessibility

  • Filling resource gaps

  • Fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Transcending partisan polarization

  • Encouraging dialogue free of divisive language


Tara Bailey

Heather Morgan
Vice President

Meet the founders

Tara Bailey and Heather Morgan formed I Vote Madison to help local voters meet the challenges presented by Covid-19. From the beginning, they made plans to carry the organization's work beyond election season. They initiated another group earlier in 2020 to meet the needs of families opting out of in-person school due to Covid-19. Their work within that group included reaching out to the city's school board and the mayor. It reminded them that at the local level, political and community action makes an impact. They want to remind others in Madison of this and help them take action. I Vote Madison is a nonpartisan group, and Bailey and Morgan hope that local engagement will not only motivate and empower the community but also bring people together civically around common interests in a time when politics on a larger scale is so divisive.

The conversations and legislation that shape and maintain Madison happen continuously. I Vote Madison wants residents to be engaged continuously as well. Not just during election season, not just with their votes, but with their voices. Our organization will work to amplify the voices of all our residents. Our motto is My City. My Voice. My Vote. It expresses the pride and ownership we want all residents to feel for our city. We believe a vibrant city that represents all of it's residents should be purposeful in including residents in the asking of questions, the discussing of issues, and in the finding of solutions as our city moves forward and is shaped for the future.

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